A beautiful village in the mountains of North India

That's what Kasauli is. I call it beautiful because of the beauty and innocence in each of the children of that village.

I have started this project as a way to teach programming to teens at the Saraswati Niketan School in rural north India. I will be teaching 10 freshman and sophomores Python programming via the Raspberry Pi.

So far the steps I have taken are:

  • gotten permission from the school Principal
  • been in discussions with the staff
  • talked to the kids
  • developed the curriculum
  • prepared a budget
  • I am looking at procuring 10 Pi Teaching Sets with a fundraising effort through GoFundMe.com.

There are a lot of logistical hurdles to be overcome to get this done in rural India. The school has shown a lot of excitement, so I'm confident that this project will have a lasting impact on the kids (especially the girls) there.

This is one of the village markets: