Day Five 2015

Today all the students had the day off! Yesterday's workshop was long, and they were supposed to have a holiday on Saturday, so I decided to give them free Sunday. In all my free time I experimented some more with Coder, and discovered some basic games I could use for teaching. I also worked on getting images into Coder, a tool which will come in handy no matter what app one makes.

After that, I went on a hike to the neighboring town of Gharkal to do some sightseeing. The walk was beautiful and the air was crisp, so different from the big cities of India. I saw many monkeys on the way, which reminded me of the monkeys that used to climb into my school classroom when I lived in Bangalore for 2.5 years! I also ran into the principal on my walk, and discussed the awards ceremony for the next day, which was also the last day of class.

I can't believe that my second year of PALC is almost over and that the program has expanded both in the number of partipants but also in the curriculum. My hope is that I can bring this whole circle by coming back and teaching in the Bay Area, but we'll see about that. :)