Day Six 2015

Another year of Pi á la Code is over. We started off the morning by doing some exercises. Personally, I love codingbat, and feel like it has a very kid friendly feel. I started doing exercises back in freshman year and believe it is a great tool to use. I want to assign exercises from the website for homework, so that the students can write out the solutions and then try them on the computers with WiFi during class.

def sum_double(a, b):
  sum = a + b
  if a == b:
    return 2 * sum
  return sum

After the technical talk, we wrapped up the class by talking about homework, the topics we learned over the past few days, email, both python and web programming classes, and how to keep in touch. We went through the difference between setting up the regular pis for python and the one coder pi. I'm excited to continue virtual classes, especially now since I will be teaching two separate classes. Even though I've only spent 6 days with these students, I really appreciate all the work they too have put in to this program.

Next, the entire class went down to the school assembly. Saraswati Niketan holds an assembly every morning, and we had the privilege of presenting the certificates at this assembly. Each student was congratulated on their participation in the program. Then the school presented me with a little statue of Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of learning. After that, they put me on the spot and asked me to say a few words!

This program has grown so much over the course of the last couple of years, I have no idea what to expect for the next few. I'm excited to say that Pi á la Code has expanded significantly and will continue to reach out to as many students as possible!