Day Six 2014

In class: Both Sunday and Monday were school holidays due to the local Shulini fair. However, the students still came for class, although it was less formal, and they didn't have to wear uniforms. The students invited my brother and I to join them on a trip to the Shulini fair after class, but it started raining, so we weren't able to go.

Class started with functions. We went through a variety of functions, with different parameters.
The first function:
def Kasauli(): print 'town' Kasauli()

A more complex function, with two parameters:

def power(base, exponent): result = base**exponent print '{0} to the power of {1} is {2}'.'format(base, exponent, result) power(37, 4)

Then we created a piglatin translator. This took awhile, but incorporated a variety of things we had learnt. We followed these steps in the creation of the translator:

  • Ask the user to input a word
  • Make sure that the word is valid
  • Convert from English to Pig Latin
  • Print

Out of class: Since we couldn't go to the fair because of the crowd and the rain, I went for a walk to the Kasauli market instead (the equivalent of a 'downtown'). The highlight of the hike was the monkeys lining the streets of the village.