Day Three 2014

In Class: I had my first morning class today. With Jet lag and all, it wasn't a lot of fun waking up that early. This was my first official class, since yesterday was spent setting up the raspberry pis. We started with the basics. As soon as the pis rebooted, they opened up into the command line, which, to them, looked like a black screen with a bunch of strange writing on it. After signing in, I explained how the command line worked and what we could do with it. I also showed them how to get to the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the pi, by typing in startx into the command line. We started off with signing into the pis.

The first thing we did was talk about print statements, and how they showed some output.

print 'Hello world!

I used this line of code to talk about strings. I showed them that you can directly print a line of text (like the code above) or you could actually store data in a name (variable). You could also change what you had originally stored in a variable.

name = 'Sonia' print name name = 'Stephanie' print name

We covered a lot of basics in this first day, but the students were bright and they picked it up pretty fast, so we were able to move at a reasonably quick pace.

Out of class: After class was over, I went on a nice long hike to a nearby town, Garkhal. It was fun to see actual village life and the view was absolutely gorgeous.

The view of the whole town of Kasauli.

Me behind a sign that reads 'Kasauli' in Hindi.