Headed off to Kasauli again!

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I was last in Kasauli. Over the year I was able to connect with many amazing people to discuss the future of Pi á la Code. I also began exploring web programming and HTML, css, and javascript. My brother and I actually made a website for our Youth Commission (http://lahyc.herokuapp.com/). I loved making the website and really wanted to find some way to teach this material to the students at the Saraswati Niketan School in Kasauli. My final plan was to start teach 2 separate classes at the school this summer. I would teach a whole new set of students Python, to expand the Python program. Additionally, I would be teaching both the new students and old students web programming (HTML, css, and javascript) using a program called Google Coder (https://googlecreativelab.github.io/coder/).

Coder is a super cool program I discovered while going through the Raspberry Pi website. It uses the Pi to teach web programming by creating a tiny server which the kids can make apps from. It's very intuitive and user friendly, the perfect way to get younger students interested in coding. When I was in New York City on college tours, I had the opportunity to meet Jeff Baxter and Jason Striegel, the founders of Google Coder by reaching out to them on Google+. They gave me great advice and helped me finalize my plans for what I want Pi á la Code to become.

I'm super pumped to go to India this year and expand the program by continuing Python and teaching web programming!