As I mentioned before, I made some lifelong friends at Girls Who Code; girls who have the same interests as I do and are passionate about the same subjects. One of the best part of Girls Who Code was that everyone has the opportunity to make a final project. We had 2.5 weeks to create said project and my team (Shireen Warrier, Anne Zepecki, Payal Ahuja) and I created seeds, an app designed to inspire young girls to code. We hope that our users will come to love coding and not be afraid to pursue computer science! It's targeted towards middle and high schoolers since we feel like they are underrepresented and should be exposed to this amazing field. Our android app will hopefully be published by the end of the summer, with an iOS app soon to follow. We have created all of the graphics ourselves, including our logo. The main features of our app are as follows.

  • Play - has a series of mini-games designed to engage young students and help them to remember key C.S. concepts
  • Learn - consists of lessons in Java and Python. We have made the curriculum ourselves and each topic directly connects with one of our mini-games, to make sure our students absorb all of the material
  • Connect - Enables our users to connect using a public google calendar through which they can view and add events, a forums section, and a mentoring program so that they can get all the support they need.

Below is our promotional video and we have a Facebook page that can be found here.