she++ fellowship

I just came back from the most amazing program! I was accepted to the #include fellowship created by she++, and Stanford based organization that hopes to empower more women to pursue computer science. Each applicant had to complete an initiative that showed leadership and commitment in the field of computer science. My initiative was creating a curriculum and the foundation of Pi á la Code.

In the three days that we spent at the heart of Silicon Valley, we got to see companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. We were able to sit in lectures and workshops at Stanford, including a cryptography lecture by Stanford's own Dan Boneh. We got to meet Sheryl Sandberg and even ran into Mark Zuckerberg! At the end of the three days, we got to network and show our initiatives to people in the workforce at a pre-gala celebration hosted at Microsoft. To end the fellowship, we were a part of the she++ gala hosted at the Computer Science History Museum. It is basically a huge party for people to network and talk about ways we can try to help close the gender gap in tech fields.

The she++ fellowship was one of the best experiences of my life. I had never seen so many like minded girls who wanted to pursue the same thing I did. I have been coding for less that a year now, and am amazed by the thrilling opportunities there are in the field of C.S.