Virtual Classes

Since I have come back to California, I have been virtually connecting with Saraswati Niketan Secondary School every 1-2 weeks. We've reviewed everything I covered during the summer, and have continued the course via skype. It is much harder to teach virtually, but the students are still very attentive and responsive.

Here is a picture of me talking to one of the students, Dhruvi.

We had many internet connection issues at the school at the beginning of the school year, and also were unsure of how to project my image in such a way that all of the students could see me while they were coding and vice versa. The school installed a screen so that we have a more "classroom-like" setup. I am now able to see the students (as well as they are able to all see me), call on them as if I was a teacher, and watch them as they try out code I assign.

As far as content is concerned, I have been using,, Learning Python the Hard Way, as well as programs I have created on my own as the basis of my curriculum. Every class, I assign the students with a new homework assignment for them to either do on the Raspberry Pis or in their notebooks.

Here is part of the homework assignment dealing with functions and raw input.